Artist and Photographer







Dale Jackson

Artist and Photographer

Hotchkiss, CO


Artist, photographer, life long learner, visual explorer, retired art teacher, now following my dream!



Raised in the North Fork Valley of the Gunnison River on a small farm at the foot of Mount Lamborn, I now live quietly on another small place about a mile from my childhood home. I have a loving, supportive family: my mother and husband, two adult children, five grandchildren, one dog, one cat, and four small horses who are all the sunshine in my life. We enjoy camping, fishing, hunting, horseback riding, hiking, doing artwork and taking pictures in the beautiful mountains full of wildlife that surround us.

After teaching primarily art for 32 years in the public schools, k-12, in Delta County on the Western Slope of Colorado, I am now ready to concentrate on my own art work and photography.

All photographs and artwork on this web site are fully protected by U.S. and international copyright laws, all rights reserved. The images may not be copied, reproduced, manipulated or used in any way, without written permission from the artist, Dale E Jackson.

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Female Ruddy Duck With Ducklings by Dale E Jackson


Daffodils A Symbol of Spring by Dale E Jackson


Peachcot Blooms Announce Spring In Colorado II by Dale E Jackson


Peachcot Blooms Announce Spring In Colorado by Dale Jackson


Timid Love Apricot Blossoms II by Dale EJackson


Gorgeous Edible Apricot Flowers by Dale Jackson


Timid Love Apricot Blossoms by Dale Jackson


Exquisite Apricot Garnish Blossoms by Dale Jackson


Magnificent Wild Apricot Display by Dale Jackson


Spring Peek-a-Boo I Love You by Dale Jackson


Springtime Sweethearts by Dale Jackson


Feeding Frenzy by Dale Jackson


Country Life Winter Baby Calf by Dale Jackson


Spotted Newborn Calf by Dale E Jackson


Horses Living Country Style Sunset by Dale E Jackson


Buckskin Quarter Horse Colts by Dale E Jackson


Sail Away Sunset by Dale Jackson


Up Close by Dale Jackson


Abstract Sunflower Fantasy by Dale E Jackson


Bubble Whirl by Dale Jackson


Dizzy Daisies by Dale Jackson


Dandelion Fireworks by Dale E Jackson


Bald Eagle Contours by Dale Jackson


Soaring In A Thermal by Dale Jackson


Pop Art Orange Tabby Cat by Dale Jackson


Red and Purple Negative Positive Frog by Dale E Jackson


Red And Green Negative Positive Frog by Dale E Jackson


Purple And Blue Light Show by Dale Jackson


Blue And Gold Light Show by Dale Jackson


Mother Natures Aspen Abstract Art by Dale Jackson


Textural Turquoise Rust Gray by Dale Jackson


Antique Canon Mechanisms by Dale Jackson


Rusty Tessellation by Dale Jackson


Rusty Metal Beauty by Dale Jackson


Decorative Saddle Concho by Dale E Jackson


Conchos On Chaps by Dale Jackson


Eight Pointed Star by Dale Jackson


Four Flowers by Dale Jackson


Superhero Collage by Dale Jackson


Winter Purple Delight by Dale Jackson


San Juan Elk Vista by Dale E Jackson


Mule Deer Camouflaged In The Shadows by Dale E Jackson


Curious Mule Deer Yearlings by Dale E Jackson


Velvet Antlers In The Sunset by Dale E Jackson


Wildflower Meadow With Doe And Fawn by Dale E Jackson


Autumn Rest Stop For Canadian Geese by Dale E Jackson


Colorado Autumn 2016 Lamborn And Landsend by Dale E Jackson


Hazy Rocky Mountain Sunrise by Dale E Jackson